State senator invites experts to answer COVID-19 questions

They took questions focused on vaccine implementation and education.

VICTORIA, Texas – Democrat Texas State Senator Judith Zaffirini, District 21, hosted a discussion featuring state leadership officials and medical experts answering questions about COVID-19.

They took questions focused on vaccine implementation and education.

“The only problem with the full licensure process because it can take six to nine months after you have the vaccine in hand to make the sure vaccines are working and safe and if we were to use that usual process given the number of American dying daily, that’s just too many,” said Dr. Peter Hotez of the Baylor College of Medicine. “In its place is what’s called, emergency use authorization, we’ve never really done that for a major vaccine, at least to the public. The one thing I can say is that I’ve had a number of discussions with leadership at the F-D-A and they are working extra hard to make sure that the emergency use authorization release will come as close as possible to the full licensure process.”

Essential workers will be the first to receive the vaccine. The rest of the population should be able to receive a  vaccine within twelve months of approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

“A lot of those deaths could have been averted with a national strategy, I think,” Hotez said. “You know and it’s been left to the states to figure out and I think the people that you’re seeing now in this Zoom call, are our heroes, what they’ve done to fill that gap, the left by the absence of a national strategy.”