State Funding Declines for Public College

Victoria College officials and the Texas Association of Community College want local tax payers to understand why it’s important for the state to continue to support community college.
According to the state comptroller, state funding is down 2.6 percent from last year.
These cuts in state funding may threaten to drive up student tuition causing public college to be less affordable.
Reduced state funding may also place a greater burden on local tax payers.
As of right now, 20 percent of funding comes from the state, 40 percent comes from student tuition and fees, and 40 percent comes from local tax payers.

“Ideally we would have the state paying in an equal portion, the students paying in an equal portion, and local tax payers paying in an equal portion. So, if we request and receive additional funding from the state, it allows us the opportunity to relieve the other two parties,” says VC President David Hines.

Hinds says Victoria College will continue to be viable no matter what the funding looks like going forward.