St Joe’s New Fine Arts Center is Now Open

St Joe’s new Fine Arts Center is now open. The David Pozzi Fine Arts Center Grand Opening Celebration was held on Wednesday night but I took an exclusive tour of the facility before it opened. St Joe’s Principal Tom Maj tells me Mr. Pozzi’s former student wanted to show him thanks. ” It is an expression of gratitude by one of the largest benefactors to the center Mr. Robert Hewitt,” said Maj.

Hewitt, a former student wanted to thank Pozzi. Mr Pozzi, math teacher at St Joe for now forty nine years was shocked and honored about hearing the good news. ” It was a great honor, but I never get used to it,” said Pozzi.

Pozzi learned about this great honor three years ago but still needed convincing it was true. ” At first, when the principal told me I thought he was kidding,” said Pozzi.

With a new stage, dance studio, band hall, and computer lab, St Joe can hold their own musicals. “We will be proud to host this year’s musical on campus for the first time in a long time,” said Maj.