St. Joe takes on Cypress Christian

St. Joe football is going to the playoffs for the first time in three years.
Our David Gibson, at Patti Welder Stadium for the Flyers and Houston Cypress Christian, closing out the regular season.

St Joe’s KeAon Griffin back deep on the kickoff, when catches it and starts zig zaging through the defense to break off a big gain all the way down to the 10 yard line.
After the big gain St Joe’s Quincy Johnson takes the hand off and runs hard before being taken down by the warriors defense.
Next play on the drive Quarterback Jacob Bordovsky drops back to pass and throws it to cutting Jacoby Robinson and its incomplete pass.
After St Joe misses a field goal Cypress Christian Quarterback throws a deep pass to a receiver where he goes up high for the catch.
The warriors still driving when the running back takes the handle off and is swallowed up and then fumbles the ball. After the fumble St Joe hands the ball off to J’den Miller where he will take it all the way for the score putting the flyers up 7-0.
Later in the half the Warriors are driving and the running back takes the handle off and pushes his way in the end zone. Score now 7-7. Flyers going for it on 4th down when Bordovsky takes the low snap and throws it to Matthew Janak for the first down and more and our David Gibson was knocked silly at the end of that play. Flyers tied 7-7 at the half.
St joe loses a heart breaker 21-17.