St. Joe parents are concerned about V.I.S.D rental rate increases

Shawna Currie, the V.I.S.D Director of Communication, said, “So over the summer, the District Administration reviewed the rental rates for facility throughout the district. This includes our athletic facilities, classroom facilities, cafeterias and things like that. This determined whether our cost were being covered by those rentals.”

Currie says that the athletic facility rates needed an update and that these changes were overdue.

“The last time those rates were reviewed, were about eight years ago. So they were a little outdated on some of them, so adjustments were made to facilities where it was found that we need to make those adjustments,” said Currie.

The increased rental rates occurred across the county, at all facilities owned and operated by V.I.S.D. causing the St. Joseph football team to make some changes.

“So traditionally all our home games have been played at Patti Welder, for a very long time. This year, because of the rental rate increase, we have decided to find another venue or multiple venues. We opened up our home football season last week at Bloomington High School at their stadium in Bloomington,” said John Gilley, President of St. Joseph High School.

Click here to see the V.I.S.D. facility rental rates.

However, if the sports facilities are being paid by taxpayer dollars, many people wonder how those tax funds are being allocated.

“The taxpaying dollars that are going into the budget cover the regular maintenance when there are additional events or activities then we have to pay additional staff,” said Currie.

Currie says that the district wants to be responsible with taxpayer money, and make things affordable for all organizations.