Special Joint Election early voting results are in

Here is where the election currently stands

VICTORIA, Texas – The Special Joint Election early voting results dropped at 6:55 p.m. According to the results, here is where the election currently stands:

State Propositions

State of Texas Proposition 1: 

For: 83.55%

Against: 16.45%

State of Texas Proposition 2:

For: 64.26%

Against: 35.74%

State of Texas Proposition 3:

For: 67.85%

Against: 32.15%

State of Texas Proposition 4:

For: 56.39%

Against: 43.61%

State of Texas Proposition 5: 

For: 57.90%

Against: 42.10%

State of Texas Proposition 6:

For: 85.06%

Against: 14.94%

State of Texas Proposition 7:

For: 88.41%

Against: 11.59%

State of Texas Proposition 8:

For: 88.86%

Against: 11.14%

Victoria ISD Propositions

Voter-Approval Tax Rate Election Proposition A

For: 53.83%

Against: 46.17%

Victoria ISD Proposition A

For: 48.37%

Against: 51.63%

Victoria ISD Proposition B

For: 46.74%

Against: 53.26%

Victoria ISD Proposition C

For: 52.60%

Against: 47.40%

Proposition A Bloomington ISD

Proposition A Bloomington ISD

For: 26.92%

Against: 73.08%

Currently, the voter turnout sits at 8.98%, with 4,979 ballots casted and 55,441 registered voters.

We will provide updates on the Special Joint Election unofficial results as we receive them.

You can check out our Joint Special Election page for unofficial results, news and updates on the election.