Southwest Passengers Possibly Exposed To Measles

Houston, TX: Officials in Houston are warning of a possible measles exposure at the airport.

According to the Houston Health Department, a Southwest Airlines passenger from North Texas who was infected with measles changed planes at Houston Hobby Airport last month and may have exposed others to the virus.

Officials said the patient was contagious at the time of the flights, on August 21 and 22. They said the passenger never left the airport and remained in waiting areas inside the airport for about an hour each day.

Officials at the Health department said they are contacting passengers who may have been exposed to the virus… they also say passengers who were actually on a flight with the patient are at higher risk.

Officials said passengers exposed to this patient may develop symptoms as late as September 12. Anyone who develops symptoms of measles should contact their medical provider.

Here are the flights the passenger was on, according to officials.
Tuesday, Aug. 21:
Flight 5: From Dallas Love to Houston Hobby
Flight 9: From Houston Hobby to Harlingen
Wednesday, Aug. 22:
Flight 665: From Harlingen to Houston Hobby
Flight 44: From Houston Hobby to Dallas Love