Son Valley Ranch rallies community to better prepare for disaster events

Son Valley Ranch rallies community to better prepare for disaster events

VICTORIA, Texas – Many Texans are still recovering from the drastic freeze that happened just over two weeks ago.

Son Valley Ranch, a local venue, is asking community members to come learn, listen, share and most of all build awareness to become better prepared when disaster events happen in the  Crossroads.

The ranch provided water to thousands of families during the Polar Plunge.

Son Valley Ranch allowed the public to come with their buckets to get water from their lake amid the winter storm.

Primarily residents from Victoria County went to the ranch to get water from the lake on the property, Dry said.

Dry mentioned a lot of people out in the country had frozen wells.

“Just the magnitude of the Texas freeze, and the fact we are so close into hurricane season, I think it fresh on people’s mind to become more prepared,” said Glen Dry with Son Valley Ranch.

The winter storm showed a better understanding to some people of what could have been done better to prepare.

“We just want to have a forum, have a place for people who can share ideas, learn do some basic preparedness,” said Dry.

Dry also serves as a Chairman for the Golden Crescent Community and Organization Active and Disaster.

He said this forum and event is mostly for neighbors, but anyone can come and participate.

‘This is mainly more about families, individuals, neighbors just [needing questions answered],” said Dry.

From knowing the right propane tank to camping gear, or what to do when you are renting, these are some of the examples people may want to know about, said Dry.

“We are going to also have examples of things people can look at when it comes to what can hold water well or what doesn’t,” said Dry.

There will also be hurricane lists preparedness for people at the event to serve as basic reminders, said Dry.

Dry also mentioned that people should take the time to introduce themselves to their neighbors.

“People don’t do that anymore,” Dry said. “I’ve heard it happen often that when the power goes out and the freezers aren’t freezing their food anymore, people start sharing meals … and sharing with their neighbors.”

Everybody has a list of what they wish they could’ve done, said Dry.

“People don’t know what they already have… so if they just heard someone speak it and think about like, ‘hey, I didn’t think about that — that’s a good idea,” said Dry.

If people don’t take care of themselves well, then it’s difficult to take care of a neighbor, said Dry.

Dry shared with Newscenter 25 that he doesn’t know how many community members will show up, but hopes they get something out of it.

The disaster event at Son Valley Ranch will be on Saturday, March 20 at 9 a.m. at the venue.

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