Son Valley Ranch hosts its 18th annual Outdoor Family Expo

The Outdoor Family Expo had a variety of outdoor-related activities for families to come out and enjoy, all for free.

VICTORIA, Texas – Son Valley Ranch, a special events center in Victoria, hosts its 18 annual Outdoor Family Expo. The event features a variety of outdoor-related activities for families to come out and enjoy all at no cost.

Glen Dry is the event coordinator and says the family outdoor expo is valuable for children who otherwise may be disconnected from nature, offering a space and day for the kids to just enjoy the great outdoors.

“Our whole mission is to be able to provide kids just an incredible day outdoors and just to celebrate it. I just realized that so few kids ever get outdoors, most of them are stuck on their phones and they got a screen stuck in their face so they get to come out here and they get to breathe, stretch, see the green grass, they just can enjoy being outside,” says Dry.

The Outdoor Family Expo had fishing, mechanical bull riding, multiple petting zoos with chickens, rabbits, snakes (just to name a few), hands-on games that the kids could play, and an indoor creation station that let the expo’s attendants get creative.

Victoria is a fourth-grader who came to the Family Outdoor Expo and says that the petting zoo was one of her favorites from today.

“Well, I like animals a lot. And these little guys are cute (pointing to a guinea pig), except for that one, that one’s creepy. Look at his eyes! But the other one, it’s so cute, it’s like a little teddy bear,” says Victoria.

The annual event is always the weekend before the big game so be on the lookout for next year’s expo. For more information about the Son Valley Ranch click here.