Solar eclipse serves as a bonding moment for Victoria families

Caus Padone says the solar eclipse passing through Victoria Monday afternoon was a sight to see. And his father Anthony Padone says this rare event brings back childhood memories.

“As a kid I experienced the solar eclipse and its one of the coolest things from my childhood. I remember it distinctly and all the kids came out of the club and we all made our own viewfinders and it was a big deal,” exclaimed Anthony Padone.

The Padone family was able to snag a pair of eclipse glasses — and say they had the best view in town.

“[My kids] can look straight on into it and we’ve all got a look and I’ve never got to look at it like that. I’ve always just looked at it with a little pin hole and on the reflective surface of the paper. To actually look right at it, its amazing its beautiful.” added Anthony Padone, with a look of amazement in his eyes.

“It’s pitch black but then when you look up at the bright sun you can see it so that’s pretty cool,” Bennett Ferguson said.

V.I.S.D didn’t host eclipse viewing for their students, but Anthony Padone says this event is too rare to miss.

“I think it’s important for kids to get to experience stuff like this. But, it’s the parent’s responsibility to make sure that happens.”