Software Upgrades to Improve Efficiency at Waste Water Treatment Facility

The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system that the City of Victoria uses helps keep a close watch on the waste water treatment plant, but with some of the technology decades old it’s time for an upgrade.

“As we’ve brought in the scada system we didn’t bring it all in as one system it was brought in for the water plant as one system and for the waste water plant as one system,” Short said.

These computers keep track of increasing and decreasing chemicals and the opening and closing of valves, but one of them was made in the 1990’s and can’t communicate efficiently with the newer technology.

“As we’ve added components some of those systems don’t necessarily talk to each other,” Short said.

When the SCADA system is fully upgraded it will be a more efficient way of managing all of the sites and operations that keep the waste water treatment in motion.

“Operate everything from remote sites it also helps us be more efficient by reducing man power,” Short said.

Not only will SCADA reduce man power, but it will help when it’s time to report to other agencies.

All of our reporting that goes into state and federal agencies all that data is captured electronically rather than having to be recorded on paper and pencil,” Short said.