Softball tournament helps woman with breast cancer

"You can't blame anybody and lose hope, you can't beat yourself up," said Leslie Ruiz

CUERO, Texas — At the little league baseball fields in Cuero, a special event was held to raise money for an individual has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Leslie Ruiz found out earlier in January that she has this unfortunate disease and is having a tough time dealing with it. The 33-year-old, along with her family, put together a softball tournament to help raise money for her treatment. Over 300 people showed up and 15 teams participated in the games. Ruiz said although she wasn’t allowed to play, she was glad to see a big turn out.

“I’m so grateful, I’m sure none of these people know who I am, because I don’ know who these people are, said Ruiz.  I am grateful for everyone coming out and donating, we have had a lot of donations since I found out and I’m thankful for everybody.”

At the fields, the family sold sausage wraps, burger plates, sweets, t-shirts and accepted donations. Ruiz said although she is early into the process of dealing with the cancer, her advice to others going through this, is to keep your hopes up.

“I would say they need to keep a good spirit and to stay positive through this whole thing because that’s how I’m doing it, said Ruiz. You can’t blame anybody and lose hope, you can’t beat yourself up.”

Ruiz will start treatment on February 7th. The degree of her cancer is not as serious as it could be, but she will have to do chemo therapy for five months, then have breast removal surgery. Ruiz didn’t have a specific goal on the amount of money they wanted to reach, she just wanted enough for her first treatment and with everyone’s help, they reached that goal.