‘Snow’ series author shares her stories with Nursery ISD students

Author Kathryn Childers visited Nursery ISD Elementary students to share her more snow children’s book.

The children’s book, which even has a special appearance by her dog Ellie, highlights the miracle that was the 2004 South Texas snowstorm which left cities in up to a foot of snow.

Childers says today’s reading was an opportunity to both inspire the kids and share the fascinating history of the snowstorm.

“One thing that I want them to be excited is that it really did snow once. Likely that it won’t again, at least for another hundred years. But, that they seem to be thrilled with seeing how a book was created and made and done. And, it was just a good feeling for Christmas.”

The book is part of a series chronicling the miracle snowstorm and is available for both children and adults alike.