Small window for relief late next week

VICTORIA, Texas – Heat is going to continue throughout the weekend and into the work week. But, there is a glimmer of hope for the Crossroads. The possibility for rain showers on Thursday shown by the European model has been picked up by others and is increasingly more likely.

In the meantime though, we will have to continue to deal with highs in the 100s, near 102°. We won’t cool down past 79 degrees for low temperatures, but at least it will continue to be sunny in the day and clear at night.

Thursday, the high pressure system will drift to the west, allowing some moisture to creep into the area. There is only a 20% chance of showers right now, but that could increase as we get closer. Right now, we are looking at isolated showers on Thursday and otherwise mostly sunny skies. The high will be around 101° on Thursday, but maybe the showers will give us some quick relief.

I expect heat advisories to continue to be issued during the next few days, so remember your heat safety tips as we enter into a new work week.