Six Titans sign to play sports at the collegiate level

Four baseball players, one football and track

VICOTRIA, TX- Six athletes from Victoria East high school have signed to play their sport at the college level.

Two of these athletes will remain teammates as they continue to play baseball at LeTourneau University in Longview. Caden Mozisek is one of the players who will continue staying teammates with the other signee Josh Shannon.

“It means a lot I’ll have someone I feel comfortable with that I know I can trust on the field and off the field, so it feels pretty good.”

Mozisek is looking to fulfill his academic career which is studying nursing as well as continue his baseball journey.

As for his current and future teammate, first baseman Josh Shannon, really liked Letourneau University on his visit, especially the baseball field. He’s also ecstatic to be going there with a familiar face.

“It means a lot, I mean going over to Longview with my buddy is going to be a lot better than going by myself. I’m going to know what to do and who I’m going to hang out with and everything.”

Shannon plans on studying kinesiology and focus on baseball. He hopes to become a physical therapist.

Pitcher Andrew Rivera, who signed to play with TCS, a post-grad school to where the student gets to develop for one year and then the following year go to a two year or four year school. Rivera said you take about two college classes to stay within your education and your eligibility won’t deplete, you will still have 4 years to play after that. Basically, you get a free year of baseball while taking college courses.

“It was cool they got the brand new field and I thought it was something different that nobody really does. It’s a great opportunity to get one more year to develop before my four years starts.”

Rivera plans on studying biology once he gets to a four year university, but also continue playing baseball.

Outfielder Alex Leos signed to play at Holy Patriot University. He is planning on studying kinesiology to become a physical trainer.

“I’m hoping to play collegiate ball of course, but I’m just continuing my level of education and just want to play ball.”

Two other athletes that signed from the Titans were football player Terrance Terrell, who committed to play at East Texas Baptist University and Logan Garris who signed to continue running track at Texas A&M-Kingsville.