Siblings meet for the first time in over 50 years

For one Crossroads family, this weekend has been special. Newscenter 25’s David Gibson visited with them. After 56 years of wondering, a family is now complete after meeting their long lost sister.
“She was 18 months and my mom was working and she met a couple. This couple wanted to help my mother by taking care of my sister. So my mother listened to them and my mother did sign papers for the couple to have guardianship of my sister,” answered Conchita Guevara, when asked about how she and her sister were separated. Since Guevara was 19, she had made it a mission to find her sister. She and her other sisters received Ancestry DNA kits for Christmas but did not use them for months. After some time had passed, Guevara realized that she could utilize the DNA testing kit to aid in her search. “I was just looking for her, you know. And if it wasn’t for the DNA kit, we wouldn’t be here today. Let me tell you it’s a blessing to meet my sister, and for those that are out there, if you have people missing and you want to look for them…go, get your kit now, because you’re going to find out,” she claimed. After 56 years of waiting, on Saturday August 25th, the sisters finally met and the emotions ran high.
“We have been waiting for this day to come for a long time,” said Guevara.

Alma Kusy, the lost sister who was finally reunited with her family, explained that she is, “very excited,” and added, “I know my emotions are sort of clammed up because its been unbelievable at the same time, but exciting.”
“It’s wonderful. It’s surreal. Like we said before, we have known about her. We know she’s excited; we knew her name, but the day has finally come and it does feel a little different than we felt before, because we actually get to meet her and we can’t wait to get to know her.” exclaimed Cynthia Guerra, the third sister in the family. The siblings are planning to get to know each other and make up for lost time.
Robert Garcia, their brother, said that they especially plan, “to stay in contact and inform each other of whats happened in the past and in between in our families.” “Its going to be a new beginning. Here is the day of a new beginning and I am so happy. I love her already, she is so beautiful. She looks just like our mother,” Guevara expressed.
After more than half a century, and one incredibly emotional day, Conchita, her sisters, and their family, are all finally complete.