Another chance for showers tomorrow morning

VICTORIA, Texas- Cold front arrives this evening bringing a chance for showers and storms. Some stronger storms could contain large hail and damaging winds. We’ll get a break late evening but more are expected to develop overnight through tomorrow morning. Highs on Saturday will be noticeably cooler in the 70s.

TONIGHT: Showers and storms possible overnight toward daybreak. Low 63. Winds NE 10-15 mph

SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy with 40% chance for showers and storms in the morning. High 76. Winds NE 10-15 mph

SUNDAY and MONDAY: Mostly sunny to partly cloudy and warm. Lows 57-59. Highs 82-85. Winds NE 10-15 mph on Saturday, NE shifting SE 10-15 mph on Sunday

TUESDAY: Partly to mostly cloudy with a 30% chance for showers. Low 66. High 86. Winds SE 15 mph

WEDNESDAY: Partly cloudy and very warm. Low 70. High 89. Winds SE 15 mph

THURSDAY: Mostly sunny to partly cloudy and very warm. Low 72. High 89. Winds SE 15 mph

FRIDAY: Mostly cloudy and warm. Low 72. High 88. Winds SE 10-15 mph