Should there be more ‘Quiet Zones’ in Victoria?

Trains come and go through all hours everyday, and their horns caused the city to make some changes. Back in 2015, The Victoria City Council passed a resolution to lower the speed limit on John Stockbauer in order to make the railroad intersection a quiet zone.

The railroad intersection at Ben Wilson To the intersection at John Stockbauer, is designated as a quiet zone. There are signs that say “no train horn” that surround the area.

The City has closed certain crossings, which has decreased train horns.

The city has to meet several regulations and TxDOT rules before designating an area to be a quiet zone.

A Victoria resident who has lived near a train track for over 40 years says once you get used to it, you don’t hear it.

The city has preliminary plans to expand this quiet zone for a long distance, instead of designating certain areas to benefit the residents. The availability of funds and the priority of the zones, is why there is only a small section of the zones.

Quiet zones are an issue the city plans to address, and they hope to add more zones by 2021.