Sho Up & Sho Out going to Nationals for tenth time

The Sho Up & Sho Out track team of Victoria has built quite a pedigree.

For the tenth time, the local track team will be traveling to compete at Nationals, this time in Greensboro, North Carolina. AAU Junior Olympic Nationals will take place in Greensboro from July 29th to August 3rd.

“I’ve worked really hard,” said first time qualifier Bradi Fox-Smith. “Last year, I didn’t get it off a few seconds. So this year I was really happy that I got it.”

This year’s team is led by 11-time state gold medalist Alexa Valenzuela, who will run track at Texas State beginning this fall. In total, Sho Up & Sho Out will be sending five athletes to Nationals from Victoria, in addition to four from Refugio and one from Goliad.