Sho Up & Sho Out Friday National Track Results

Here are Friday’s Sho Up & Sho Out track club of Victoria’s results from the AAU National Team championships in Orlando. Alexa Valenzuela got another medal in the triple jump on her last jump to finish 6th place overall & she also finished 21st out of 227 in the 200m. Avery Barefield finished 13th, Rhyan Thomas finished 16th out of 39 in 11 yr old shot put. C’Niah Randle 17th out 107 in the 100m & 16th out of 128 in 200m 11yr old division. Gabriel Gonzalez 18th out of 60 17-18 yr old 400hurdles. Naaji Gadsden 18th out 38 in 400 hurdles 15-16 yr old division