Shiner Moms create alternative to expensive daycare options

Every Wednesday at the Shiner Public Library stay at home mom’s join together to provide guest speakers and field trips for their children.

“It’s a hard thing staying at home with no adult exposure or conversation or anything to do but you’re just with your kids all day every day,” said, Paula Cunningham, Lavaca Area Mom’s President.

Lavaca Area Moms Group is a non-profit organization that was started by Paula Cunningham. She came up with the idea one day when she at home looking to find something to do throughout the day with her children.

“Being a stay at home mom you don’t really realize until you are stuck at home all the time with your kids how much interaction they really need with other kids,” said Cunningham.

Cunningham said she’s choosing to raise her kids in the Lavaca area, and she didn’t want to leave to find activities for them to participate in.

Currently, most of the activities provided to entertain the children are coming at the parent’s expense.

“We just have limited funding and that’s very understandable so what we’ve done or most of what we have done, we pay for everything ourselves. We pay for our art pad, easel stands the art and craft,” said Cunningham.

A few local organizations have donated to help the Lavaca Area Mom’s get supplies for the children. One local mom explains what her son has learned from being a part of the group.

“Singing, and they also do educational things as far as like numbers and colors and basic preschool type stuff that they enjoy,” said Brooke Sefka, Member of the Lavaca Area Moms Group.

If your interested in joining the group you can meet them at 10 a.m. every Wednesday at the public library.