Sheriff candidates approach runoff election, set for July 14

Sheriff candidates approach runoff election, set for July 14

VICTORIA, Texas – The runoff election is coming up. The pandemic caused a delay, which changed the date to July 14 from its original May date. Here’s a look at candidates running for Victoria County Sheriff.

Justin Marr

Career progression and addressing manpower shortages within the Victoria County Sheriff’s office – are key parts of Justin Marr’s campaign.

Marr began his career as a jailer in the Detention Division and has worked in law enforcement for 22 years. 

With the social unrest around the nation sparked by police brutality, Marr said he wants voters to know he would be a sheriff for all. 

“I’ve had overwhelming support from all different ages, groups, races and economic statuses,” Marr said. “I will be a sheriff for all people, as you know the President has signed an executive order… calling for more training on defensive tactics as well and I support that, that’s something we need to do.”

The 44-year-old Victoria native will face Dale Fowler in the runoff election in July. Marr had 45 percent of votes. 

Marr said during the pandemic his campaign made adjustments with a virtual town hall and as restrictions ease plans for an in-person meet and greet later this month.

Dale  Fowler

Victoria business leader and sheriff candidate Dale Fowler stretched a much shorter campaign over eight months after the COVID-19 pandemic caused the May runoff election to be moved to July 14. Fowler has a business background as the President of the Victoria Economic Development Corporation as well as a law enforcement background as a graduate of the victoria police academy. 

In response to the recent reports of police brutality and protests across the nation, Fowler says he’s hopeful for change.

“There is nothing like a tragedy to unify our nation, and I believe we were universal in our disdain as we watched the video of George Floyd, I think that’s true across this country, I do anticipate some level of reform that will come from this incident and others but my hope is that lawmakers and law enforcement will come together to make good policy and reform,” Fowler said.

In the primary election, Fowler won 42.1 percent of the votes and will face Justin Marr in the runoff election.

Early voting begins June 29 and before you head to the polls or vote by mail, Fowler wants to remind voters that he remains committed to keeping illegal drugs off the streets.

Fowler believes his experience in working with area leadership through the Victoria Economic Development Corporation as well as some law enforcement experience would make him the best choice for the job.