Sheriff candidate clarifies duties description in campaign mailer

Marr clarifies duties description in campaign mailer

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VICTORIA, Texas – Dale Fowler and Justin Marr are in the runoff race for sheriff in Victoria County. 

A viewer recently sent in a screenshot of a mailer from Marr’s campaign, seeking clarity on the role of platoon commander, saying it is not a formal position in the sheriff’s office.

Marr explains:

“What I’m saying is that I command a platoon. What I mean by that is that I oversee all the people on my shift. I’m responsible for all kinds of various things with that from fleet issues to scheduling, timesheets, complaints, yearly evaluation, as well as overseeing the daily duties of the patrolmen.”

Candidate Dale Fowler declined to comment on the matter, stating he wanted to keep things positive, one day after getting some heat himself over his campaign materials

With just a few days left, Marr said to get to the polls if you haven’t already.