Shelters vs Saferooms

So what do you do if you can’t leave? How will you ride out the storm if your home isn’t an option? Fortunately, there are places you can go.

FEMA Domes, or “safe rooms” are built to withstand the force of a hurricane. In the past five years here in the Crossroads four of these domes have been specially constructed to FEMA standards.

Located in Edna, Bloomington, Woodsboro, and the newest at Saint Joseph High School here in Victoria. Richard McBrayer, Emergency Management Coordinator for Victoria, wants to get an important point across when considering riding out the storm in a safe room dome.

“We want to make sure that people understand that when we are talking about the domes, that it will be a short time frame of services that are going to be provided,” said McBrayer.

To be clear there will not be supplies. You are advised to bring your own supplies.

Once an evacuation is called, shelters will be set up in the San Antonio area, for those that choose to evacuate. These shelters will have food and supplies, as opposed to the saferoom.

If you choose to remain in one of the area’s safe rooms after the storm McBrayer says you will be on your own. But if the worst happens and your home has been destroyed the state of Texas will work with those people in order to provide a more long term shelter.

As always, knowing what to do before a storm strikes is key to survival.