Sewer Line Collapses in Country Club Subdivision

Rainy Days last month caused some problems for residents along Hollywood Boulevard in Victoria. An old concrete pipe collapsed and sent waste water through homes.

“It ended up saturating all of the carpet in the house and went up the dry wall,” Burleson said.

Marene Burleson, who lives on Hollywood Boulevard, says she called the city right away and they were quick to try to stop the problem.

“Crews were trying to alleviate the problem down the street, but it was raining so hard and it just kept coming,” Burleson said.

The city has been in the neighborhood daily vacuuming the water, but to replace the pipe they will have to go into people’s yards to put a new PVC pipe to replace the older concrete sewer line.

“We want them in here as quick as possible and get it all fixed before we fix up the house because we don’t want to replace the carpet thinking there may be more damage down the line,” Burleson said.