Severe Weather Preparedness

I think that people should be prepared because we live along the coast.” In the event of severe weather or flooding, how prepared are residents in Victoria?
“I think that a person should prepare for those types of things. I actually keep extra batteries around my house in case I would need them, ” says Victoria Resident.
Victoria county Emergency Management coordinator rick McBrayer says its not an easy task. He explains, the city and county spends a lot of time training, planning and evaluating their progress of simulated situations to be prepared for the unexpected. “If you live near a creek, stream or tributary, remember the ground is already saturated, so any additional rain we have is going to cause flash flooding. Flash flooding is so dangerous because we don’t have a lot of warning on it,” says McBrayer. Along with heavy rains across Victoria county comes with the chance of river flooding. Low lying areas near river basins will be the areas most affected. Including the Guadalupe river. “As we get more localized rain, that’s going to cause more runoff and more flash flooding. and is going to increase river basins resulting in flooding,” McBrayer says. He says the public cant just rely on the city and county to prepared but they need to do their part as well.