Several stop signs were stolen in Edna

The stop signs were placed last week.


VICTORIA, Texas – This morning, the Edna Police Department received a call that several stop signs were removed at the intersection of Washington Street and Erie Street.

The stop signs were placed last Friday to deter drivers from speeding in the area after residents voiced concerns.

Edna Police say the removal of these signs is dangerous to motorists and neighborhood children who play in the streets.

Whoever removed them will face a misdemeanor thief charge.

” The person that removed them or stole the signs, probably aren’t looking into the level of the danger that they’re putting those kids that are crossing that road thinking that stop signs are there and the vehicle coming is gonna stop and it doesn’t because the stop signs were removed… it’s a huge threat to the children in that neighborhood,” says Edna Police Chief, Rick Boone.

In the meantime, Edna Police have placed temporary stop signs at the intersection.

If you have any information regarding the removal of these stop signs, please contact the Edna Police Department