Senator Ted Cruz visits Victoria Community Center

Senator Cruz shared his thoughts on vaccine mandates and immigration crisis

VICTORIA, Texas – On Tuesday, Oct. 12, Senator Ted Cruz shared his thoughts on Governor Greg Abbott banning vaccine mandates in Texas. According to Senator Cruz, he and his family are fully vaccinated, but he believes Texans should have their individual freedom when it comes to health care decisions.

“I’m glad Governor Abbott is standing up and leading on this issue,” said Senator Cruz. “You know my views are simple, and I think vaccines are good. I’ve been vaccinated, and my families been vaccinated. I certainly encourage people to get the vaccine, but I also believe in individual responsibility and individual freedom.”

Cruz says Texans should make their own personal healthcare decisions

“It oughta to be your choice,” continued Senator Cruz. “The healthcare decisions you make, you should be able to talk to your doctor, and make a decision for yourself. There shouldn’t be mandates.”

Taking a further look at recent bailouts, Senator Cruz called this an immigration crisis at the Texas-Mexico border. He also referred to the bailouts as a “public health issue and national security crisis.”

According to Senator Cruz, “we know these policies work.” “We build that wall, end the catch, release and return to the remaining Mexico agreement. We also know those policies work because they worked just one year ago. Just one year ago, this problem – we had the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years.”

Senator Cruz wants to see policies, which have worked in the past, stay implemented in Texas. Considering his concern for everyone’s safety, Senator Cruz expressed the border crisis needs to stop. He is concerned about Texans and their families.

“This is wrong, what is happening, and it needs to end,” said Senator Cruz. “The only way it will end is if we have an administration in Washington that is willing to follow the law.”

Senator Cruz offered more solutions, such as having the federal government reinstating the ‘Remain in Mexico Agreement” to help decrease immigration in Texas.