Senator Ted Cruz meets with Crossroads community leaders

We begin tonight with a community outreach meeting with senator ted Cruz..he came to Victoria to meet with community leaders from all over the crossroads.
Newscenter 25’s David Gibson has an exclusive one on one with Cruz about the meeting. Senator Ted Cruz came down to the crossroads to meet with community leaders about the Harvey recovery.
“In the process of rebuilding, we are making real and serious strides, we still got a distance to go, there is still a lot of people hurting and still a lot more work to be down,” tells Sen. Ted Cruz, U.S. Senator. Senator Cruz addressed concerns that community leaders voiced regarding hurricane relief efforts. He also spoke on his work he’s done so far in long-term recovery legislation in Washington. “I will tell you that im also gratified to been able to help Shepard through 4 major disaster relief bills through congress direct to hurricane Harvey. Both billions of dollars of funding that has gone to Texans, over 30 billion dollars have gone directly to Texans to address hurricane relief,” explains Sen. Cruz. Cruz says he is urging residents to keep applying for hurricane relief funds.
“Some folks filed applications and they may have had them turned down,and if thats the case i would encourage folks to file again and get your paperwork on file. Thats one of the things i been urging FEMA to do is try and be clear and make it easier for people understand what they have to file to get the relief they are entitled to,” declares Sen. Cruz. County Judge Ben Zeller feels like this meeting was very well spent.
“To let our state and federal officials know what we need, the things that we are working on and this was another example of that it was a constructive conversation. I was real happy to be able to be apart of that,” adds Ben Zeller, County Judge. Cruz wants to remind Crossroads residents that all of Texas stands with them and he’s proud of the community efforts. “I never been prouder to be a Texan, that in the days and weeks that followed hurricane Harvey, seeing the heroism, seeing the courage, the strength, and the compassion and love that Texans from all over the state demonstrated taking care of each other and provided for each other,” exclaims Sen. Cruz.