Senator Kolkhorst talks about last legislative session

State Senator Lois Kolkhorst spoke at this mornings Victoria Economic Development Partnership meeting, about this last legislative session in Austin.

Passed bills include an improvement on the school budget reform bill, which would ultimately raise teacher salaries, while reducing property taxes by 8 to 13 cents.

Other bills passed include mental health reform, which will expand mental health facilities, and the continued recovery from hurricane Harvey, which Kolkhorst says is still badly needed.

“One of the big stories for our area is the Hurricane Harvey recovery senate bill 500…big bills that were passed this session…$3.2 billion that will be flowing into our hurricane ravaged areas,” said Kolkhorst.

Senator Kolkhorst says that Victoria ISD will receive over $3 million of this money for property repair and recovery.

Kolkhorst mentioned that this was perhaps the most substantial session she has participated in.