Second worker charged with child abuse at Missouri day care

A second employee has been charged with child abuse at the same day care center where a woman was seen on surveillance video throwing a toddler into furniture, police said.

Ariana Silver, 22, was charged Thursday in a separate incident at Brighter Day Care <><><><><><><><><><> <><>& Preschool in the St. Louis suburb of Pine Lawn, Missouri, according to a a href=”″ target=”_blank”statement/a from the North County Police Cooperative./ppA police affidavit alleges that Silver grabbed a 4-year-old girl by the arm and punctured her skin with her fingernails before carrying the child by the foot and dropping her on a cot./ppPolice said the incident, which allegedly happened February 4, was captured on video, although it is unclear whether that video will be released./ppShe was arrested on Thursday and is being held on $50,000 cash only bond. She was also fired from her job, according to a statement from the day care center. CNN could not find an attorney listed for Silver./ppFirst employee charged /ppSilver’s arrest comes after Wilma Brown, another worker at Brighter Day Care <><><><><><><><><><><><><> Preschool, was charged with child abuse Thursday for an incident that allegedly happened on February 1./ppBrown, 27, is not in custody but police said a felony warrant has been issued with no bond allowed./ppSurveillance video showed a woman identified by police as Brown grabbing a 3-year-old child by the arm, pulling her for several feet and appearing to hurl her into a cabinet./ppBrown wrote that the child suffered a “bump on her head” after falling on the carpet, according to a copy of the unintentional injury form provided by the family’s attorney, Jennifer Hansen./ppThe toddler was treated at a hospital for a gash in the middle of her forehead and swelling in her face, but was readmitted two days later after the wound became infected, Hansen said./ppOnce the child’s medical issues appeared to be more serious than initially reported, the family became became concerned. They asked to see the day care’s surveillance footage and on February 5, they reviewed the tape with the day care’s director, Hansen said./ppBrown was subsequently fired, according to Hansen and Timothy J. Smith, an attorney representing the day care./p