Seasonal Depression

“We all experience anxiety and depression,” Johnson said.

Mental health officials say those emotions can become overwhelming during the holidays, because people naturally have high expectations for this time of year.

The demand to get together with family and we all have our dysfunctions in family and you come together and the story book is everybody is happy and has a wonderful time and it almost never happens,” Johnson said.

Mr. Johnson says if you are struggling through the holidays take time to notice if your normal routine feels different.

“What’s different that is normal for you? Your appetite or your sleep pattern or your energy level or your ability to feel joy or not,” Johnson said.

The Gulf Bend Center has counseling services and a 24 hour crisis line people can contact to talk about their emotions. Mr. Johnson says the trick is to make sure feelings of anxiety and depression don’t build up.

“It’s not the holidays that gives people anxiety and depression it’s the meaning we give it or the pressure we give ourselves, our perception of what is going to happen during the holidays that gets us anxious or depressed,” Johnson said.

Gulf Bend Center 24 Hour Crisis Hotline: 877-723-3422