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About 40 people gather for mass to remember 19 killed May 14, 2003

19th anniversary of deadliest human smuggling case in U.S. history

VICTORIA, Texas - Nineteen years ago at Fleming Prairie Rd. near U.S. 77, 19 undocumented immigrants died inside the back of a hot packed tractor-trailer. A teen and a 5-year-old boy were among the dead. They were locked inside…

Bowser wins Democratic primary for mayor in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser appears to be on her way to winning a third consecutive term leading the nation’s capital. Bowser’s victory in Tuesday’s Democratic primary virtually guarantees her a win in November in the Democrat-dominated District of Columbia. Two members of the City Council had challenged her bid for another four-year term. At-large Councilmember Robert White harshly criticized Bowser’s response to spiraling violent crime rates, and Councilmember Trayon White brought a unique perspective as the representative of the district’s poorest and most crime-ridden area. Challenges facing the city and its government remain for the victorious Bowser, among them issues of inequality, crime and public safety.

19 immigrants found dead in 2003 will be honored at memorial Mass

St. Joseph the Worker will also be honored during this Mass

VICTORIA, Texas - On Saturday, May 1, Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church will hold a memorial Mass honoring the 19 immigrants who were found deceased in the back of a tractor-trailer at a Victoria gas station on U.S. 77…

A look at the deadliest migrant suffocation incidents

Officials said 46 people have been found dead and 16 others were taken to hospitals with heat-related illnesses after a tractor-trailer rig containing suspected migrants was found Monday on a remote back road in southwest San Antonio. The deaths were the latest in what has become a global series of mass deaths occurring during human trafficking attempts. Big rigs emerged as a popular smuggling method in the early 1990s amid a surge in U.S. border enforcement in San Diego and El Paso, Texas, which were then the busiest corridors for illegal crossings.

46 dead after trailer carrying migrants found in San Antonio

Officials say 46 people were found dead in and near a tractor-trailer and 16 others were taken to hospitals in a presumed migrant smuggling attempt into the United States. Police Chief William McManus said a city worker at the scene was alerted to the situation by a cry for help shortly before 6 p.m. Monday. He said officers arrived to find a body on the ground outside the trailer and a partially opened gate to the trailer. Fire Chief Charles Hood said 12 of those taken to hospitals were adults and four were children. He said they were hot to the touch and dehydrated, and no water was found in the trailer.

Astros’ Javier, bullpen combine to no-hit Yanks in 3-0 win

Javier set career highs for strikeouts (13) and pitches (115)

NEW YORK (AP) — Cristian Javier, Héctor Neris and Ryan Pressly combined on the first no-hitter against the New York Yankees in 19 years, shutting down the best team in baseball and pitching the Houston Astros to a 3-0 victory…

Title IX propelled women from college courts to CEO offices

Title IX marks its 50th anniversary this year with countless women having benefited from the enactment and execution of the law. They then followed up by translating those opportunities into becoming leaders in their professional careers. Here's a look at some of the women who played college sports thanks to Title IX and used the competitive skills learned in gyms and courts to become chief executive officers, commissioners and found their own companies.

Sweltering streets: Hundreds of homeless die in extreme heat

Hundreds of homeless people die in the streets each year from the heat, in cities around the U.S. and the world. The ranks of homeless have swelled after the pandemic and temperatures fueled by climate change soar. Global warming is ramping up the dangers of being outside on hot days and not just in desert areas like Las Vegas or Phoenix. The Pacific Northwest was unprepared last summer when record heat killed scores of people, some of them homeless. Concerns have grown worldwide in places like Spain and India about longer, more frequent heat waves as cities take steps to protect vulnerable communities.

Wallowing in Watergate 50 years later: A political quiz

Fifty years later, the Watergate scandal is remembered in broad strokes. Burglars broke into Democratic headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, President Richard Nixon mounted a cover-up and eventually was forced to resign. But the scandal was built from a million pieces, relevant then, largely forgotten now. Like the piece of tape found by a security guard that night, used by the burglars to block the latch in the basement entrance of the building. It's not likely many remember “Gemstone,” code name for a secret wiretap operation. Or that 69 people were charged with a Watergate-related crime. Old obscurities are getting a fresh look on Friday's anniversary.

Russia's central bank cuts interest rates to prewar level

Russia’s central bank has cut interest rates back to their prewar levels. The bank said Friday that inflation and economic activity are developing better than expected despite sweeping Western sanctions imposed in response to the war in Ukraine. The bank lowered its key rate by 1.5 percentage points, to 9.5%. The rate had been as high as 20% in the wake of the Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine and the resulting sanctions that restrict dealings with Russian banks, individuals and companies. Economists say that over time the sanctions will corrode growth and productivity, but the central bank has managed to stabilize Russia’s currency and financial system through drastic measures.

Lawsuit: LA shelter for kids was a den for sexual abuse

More than 30 people have filed a lawsuit alleging sexual abuse at a now-closed Los Angeles County shelter for kids waiting placement in foster homes. Their attorneys said Thursday there are more than 200 former foster children who were molested by staff and other residents at MacLaren Children's Center in El Monte. The victims include a boy who says he was 6 when he was molested by a male staffer who locked the boy in a closet as punishment for screaming during the assault. LA County's Children and Family Services agency issued a statement declining to comment on the lawsuit but said the allegations will be thoroughly examined. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

Long, fraught timeline of tensions over Iran nuclear program

Iran has started removing 27 surveillance cameras installed by U.N. inspectors at nuclear sites around the country, widening a dispute over Tehran’s program as it enriches uranium closer than ever to weapons-grade levels. Iran’s atomic program first came to the country under American aspirations for peaceful energy, in a 1957 agreement with Iran's former Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, but later found itself the target of Western fears over the Islamic Republic’s intentions.