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About 40 people gather for mass to remember 19 killed May 14, 2003

19th anniversary of deadliest human smuggling case in U.S. history

VICTORIA, Texas - Nineteen years ago at Fleming Prairie Rd. near U.S. 77, 19 undocumented immigrants died inside the back of a hot packed tractor-trailer. A teen and a 5-year-old boy were among the dead. They were locked inside…

19 immigrants found dead in 2003 will be honored at memorial Mass

St. Joseph the Worker will also be honored during this Mass

VICTORIA, Texas - On Saturday, May 1, Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church will hold a memorial Mass honoring the 19 immigrants who were found deceased in the back of a tractor-trailer at a Victoria gas station on U.S. 77…

Analysis: No winners in Deshaun Watson's case

Deshaun Watson’s six-game suspension will stand only if the NFL allows it. The punishment given to the Cleveland Browns quarterback by disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy fell far short of the one-year suspension the league wanted. But because of the collective bargaining agreement, the league can appeal Robinson’s decision and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell or a person he designates could then increase the suspension and impose a substantial fine. The league has three days to file an appeal and is mulling its options. Still, the NFL Players Association could then try to challenge Goodell’s ruling on an appeal in federal court.

Climate disinformation leaves lasting mark as world heats

Wildfires, floods and soaring temperatures have made climate change real to many Americans. Yet a sizeable number continue to dismiss the scientific consensus that human activity is to blame. That's in part because of a decades-long campaign by fossil fuel companies to muddy the facts and promote fringe explanations. Now, even as those same companies embrace renewable energy, the legacy of that climate disinformation remains, posing a challenge to any meaningful attempt to mitigate the damage. Meanwhile, the public's distrust of scientists and scientific institutions has widened to encompass vaccines and public health measures seen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2 indicted in migrant death-trailer case that left 53 dead

Two men have been indicted in the case of a tractor-trailer rig found with 53 dead or dying migrants inside in San Antonio. A statement from the U.S. Attorney's Office in San Antonio says 46-year-old Homero Zamorano Jr. and 28-year-old Christian Martinez, both of Pasadena, Texas, were indicted Wednesday on counts of transporting and conspiring to transport migrants illegally resulting in death; and transporting and conspiring to transport migrants illegally resulting in serious injury. The incident happened on a remote San Antonio back road on June 27. Conviction on the death counts could result in life sentences. But the Attorney General’s Office could authorize prosecutors to seek death penalties.

Prosecutor: Judge reneged on promise in Polanski abuse case

A retired Los Angeles prosecutor has said a judge privately told lawyers he would renege on a promise and imprison Roman Polanski for sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl in 1977. A transcript of testimony by Deputy District Attorney Roger Gunson that had been sealed by a court for 12 years was obtained by The Associated Press late Sunday. The document provides support for Polanski’s longtime claim that he fled on the eve of sentencing in 1978 because he didn’t think he was getting a fair deal. Gunson said during closed-door testimony in 2010 that he wasn’t surprised Polanski fled after the judge broke several promises. A lawyer for Polanski says he will seek to have the Oscar-winning director sentenced in absentia.

Timeline of Roman Polanski's 45-year-old teen sex abuse case

The release of a transcript of previously sealed testimony in Roman Polanski's long-running sex abuse case in Los Angeles is the latest development in a legal saga that has spanned 45 years. The transcript obtained Sunday by The Associated Press showed that a former prosecutor handling the case testified that a judge said in private that he would renege on a promise and imprison the renowned director. The testimony had long been sought by Polanski's lawyers to argue their contention that the Oscar-winning director was mistreated by the Los Angeles court system. The director pleaded guilty in 1977 to unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl.

Pitch clocks, shift limits, larger bases in MLB's future

Major League Baseball is considering a pitch clock for next year along with shift limits, larger bases and restrictions on pickoff attempts. A clock experiment in the minor leagues cut the average this year to 2 hours, 37 minutes from 3 hours, 4 minutes at a similar point for non-clock games last year. The average time of nine-inning MLB games increased from 2 hours, 43 minutes in 2003 to 3 hours, 13 minutes in 2020 before dropping to 3 hours, 2 minutes so far this season. An 11-person competition committee with six management representatives, four players and one umpire will make the decisions. Limited use of robot plate umpires is possible as early as 2024.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck wed in Las Vegas drive-through

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were wed in a small ceremony Saturday in Las Vegas, culminating a relationship that stretched over two decades in two separate romances and countless tabloid covers. Lopez announced their marriage Sunday in her newsletter for fans with the headline “We did it.” Lopez initially made their engagement public in April on the same newsletter, “On the J Lo.” A marriage license filing showed that Lopez plans to take the name Jennifer Affleck. The two were both previously married. Affleck has three children with Jennifer Garner. Lopez has two kids with Marc Anthony.

Economics of war: Pain for Europe now, later for Russia

Europe is feeling the pain from Russia's war in Ukraine. Mounting pressure from high energy prices is driving record inflation and raising the likelihood of a plunge back into recession. An energy crisis fueled by European reliance on Russian natural gas has spread through the economy. Food banks in Italy are feeding more people, dairies wonder how they will pasteurize milk and the euro has sagged to a 20-year low against the dollar. While Europe struggles, Russia has stabilized its currency and inflation through a fortress economy built to withstand international sanctions. But economists say that picture is misleading and Russia has bought itself long-term economic stagnation by launching the war.

Buffalo market reopens to debate over healing, sensitivity

Store associates are handing single carnations to customers as they enter the newly reopening Tops Friendly Market where 10 Black people were slain by a white gunman. Some also received gift cards Friday as the grocery store in Buffalo, New York, opened its doors. The store is part of an ever-growing list of public spaces and retail establishments where gun violence shattered a community’s way of living. Managers at Tops say they were confident that neighborhood residents overwhelmingly wanted and needed their most accessible supermarket to reopen. But some residents question whether opening two months after a tragedy is too soon.

Buffalo supermarket to reopen 2 months after racist shooting

The names of the 10 Black people massacred by a white gunman were read aloud outside the Buffalo supermarket where they died, two months after the racist attack. A bell tolled after each name at a ceremony Thursday marking the store’s reopening.  Customers will return Friday morning. Employees, neighbors and elected officials toured the overhauled store. Near the entrance, mirrors reflecting cascading water stand on both sides of a poem by Buffalo’s poet laureate, which begins: “Let the hopeful healing waters flow.” The decision to reopen, rather than relocate, the store has been met with mixed emotions.

Croatia clears final hurdle to adopting the euro next year

The European Union has removed the final obstacles tp Croatia adopting the euro next year. It will enable the first expansion of the currency bloc in almost a decade as the exchange rate fell to its weakest level against the dollar in 20 years. EU finance ministers on Tuesday approved three laws that will pave the way for Croatia to become the 20th member of the eurozone on Jan. 1. The last EU country to join the European single-currency area was Lithuania in 2015. Adopting the euro offers economic benefits stemming from deeper financial ties with the currency bloc’s other members and from the European Central Bank’s monetary authority.