Search warrant details living conditions of toddler twins removed from apartment

Twin toddler released from San Antonio hospital

Kimberly Salas

VCSO: Kimberly Salas, 34

VICTORIA, Texas – 25 New Now has obtained the search warrant involving the arrest of Kimberly Salas, 34, on various charges of child abuse involving toddler twins. Family members said one of the toddler twins had to go to a San Antonio hospital for several days due to malnourishment. Both children are now in Victoria with family members.

The search warrant reveals Salas was refusing to cooperate with CPS. Two CPS workers had not seen the toddler twins since February 2022. That’s when Victoria Police got involved. The warrant said CPS had photos of severe rashes on the children from lack of care. When CPS requested to see the children the warrant said Salas refused and left the location. When police arrived at the apartment the warrant said Salas refused to allow officers or CPS inside the apartment for a welfare check.

“Once Salas entered the apartment it was evident there was no care or supervision for the children and that Salas had left the children unattended and abandoned,” according to the warrant. “Both children had soiled diapers from being left unattended.”

The warrant says one child’s diaper was saturated with urine and the child appeared emaciated. Their bones were very visible to the extent their ribs were visible on their back and limbs were thin. The other child’s diaper was saturated with urine and full of feces. That child also had a rash in the pubic area it did not appear to have medicine, according to the warrant.

The family member who picked up the children was ordered to take the twins for medical evaluation immediately.

The warrant shows Salas told police and CPS a neighbor was watching the toddler twins and sent them home since she was on her way home. When asked about the child’s weight loss Salas said she fed the toddler fried chicken. The warrant says evidence showed the toddler twins were not being properly cared for or properly supervised. That’s when Victoria Police officers arrested Salas.



Body cam image of entrance to apartment where toddler twins were found

The affidavit describes the apartment in the 4400 block of N. Navarro St. The entrance had yellow wood type siding. The door is dark with white trim and dark colored wood type siding.

The toddler twins turn two next month.

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The National Child Abuse Hotline is 1-800-4-A-CHILD.