Seadrift comes together to search for Suzie Escobedo

I’m here in Seadrift where the whole town has come together to search for Suzie Escobedo. Seadrift residents Jana Estes and Haley See organized a public search for Suzie because stuff like this doesn’t happen in a small community like Seadrift. Estes says it hits close to home because Suzie was friends with her daughter and they went to the same school. She also was also really good friends with Suzie. Estes says Suzie was married with 2 kids a 7 year old and a 3 month old.
Her kids are safe with her family. Suzie’s Husband is helping with search for her, also Suzie worked at the Mexican restaurant here in Seadrift. Texas Equusearch joined in the search for Suzie. Texas Equusearch is a non profit organization of volunteers who help law enforcement and families search for missing loved ones. They used drones Monday but Tuesday they had teams on ATVs and walking on the ground. Texas Equusearch believes right now there is no evidence of foul play. “We’re, we’re searching. And we’re gonna continue to search until she is found. We will be searching everyday, from 8am to 6pm. We re-group again everyday at noon and we will continue to search,” declares Jana Amison-Estes, search co-organizer.
The family of Suzie along with the volunteers are trying to keep hope alive that Suzie is somewhere out there alive.

Estes is urging more volunteers to come out and help with the search. They asking if you would like to donate water or food, you can send it to the Seadrift Community center. The address is 501 S Main St, Seadrift, Tx 77983.