Sea lion lies down in front of hotel, refuses to budge

A young sea lion made himself at home in front of a Shelter Island hotel and refused to leave before finally being corralled by an animal rescue crew.

At around 3:45 a.m. Monday, San Diego Harbor Police officers responded to a report of a sea lion hanging around in front of a sign at the Bay Club Hotel & Marina (2131 Shelter Island Dr.).

A Harbor Police official told 10News the young sea lion had crossed Shelter Island Drive by himself and huddled in the flowers at the hotel’s front sign.

As officers tried to get the sea lion safely into their patrol units, the little guy snapped at them. Even after successfully getting a leash on him, the sea lion refused to cooperate.

After about an hour, a Humane Society crew arrived and took the sea lion into custody and transported him to SeaWorld San Diego.

SeaWorld officials told 10News the sea lion, who is almost one year old, was malnourished and dehydrated when found and only weighed about 25 pounds . At a year old, his ideal weight should be between 55 -65 pounds , officials said.

The sea lion was given fluids to rehydrate and is resting at SeaWorld’s Animal Health and Rescue Center.