Scourge the tortoise needs your help

PORT LAVACA, Texas – Scourge is a 17 year old Sulcata Tortoise who loves apples. At 105 pounds, he usually spends his time making rounds in his yard to ensure nothing is amiss. However, he hasn’t done much patrolling lately.

“He was chasing the dog and the dog was on a chain, which got wrapped around his shoulder and they both got wrapped around a tree. We were at the doctor’s office so I couldn’t check on him in time, and I guess it messed up a nerve in his foot because he can’t feel his foot anymore,” Brittney Quintanilla, Scourge’s owner recounts.

The surgery Scourge needs to get back on his feet is going to cost upwards of $4,000 and involves fusing his foot bone to his leg bone. This is to ensure he can take proper steps and not rub the scales off his leg from dragging it. Quintanilla desperately wants to see her baby, as she calls him, back to his normal self and is asking the community for help.

I know its a hard time for everyone, but anything you can give is appreciated,” Quintanilla says.

The GoFundMe link for Scourge’s surgery can be found here.

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