Science Mill presents foundation with plaque for donations to VISD

Mill thanked the foundation for assisting VISD's STEM summer camps

VICTORIA, Texas – Last week, Science Mill presented Gerardo Castillo and the Ashbritt Foundation with a plaque. He thanked them for donating over $150,000 to provide Victoria ISD with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) summer camps since 2019.

Bonnie Baskin, founder of Science Mill, and Bob Elde, interim CEO of Science Mill, presented the plaque to the following:

  • Castillo with VISD’s entire Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability department,
  • Superintendent Quintin Shepherd,
  • Administration from Stroman STEM academy,
  • Office of Innovation staff,
  • faculty who worked the STEM summer camps,
  • and students who participated in the summer camps were all in attendance.

Castillo and AshBritt Environmental first came to the area during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, as the debris removal and disaster response contractor for the City of Victoria and Victoria County.

“One of the key goals of our company is to always be able to give back to a community where we work and serve and the community”, Castillo said. “Victoria was one of those where we came and helped recover after the hurricane and part of what we wanted to do was find a meaningful way to give back to the community. The Science Mill was that avenue so we could do that. We knew we could make an investment into a long-term benefit for the youth of this community.”

The AshBritt Foundation’s donation to Victoria ISD has given the district the continuous opportunity to annually provide free, week-long STEM summer camps through the Science Mill. AshBritt Foundation has donated to VISD since 2019. The week-long camp is a STEM Career Immersion experience. VISD students are able to make, create and solve problems utilizing skills and equipment needed for the 21st century.

“The Science Mill is a true partner in the education of our students at Victoria ISD,” said Dr. Shepherd. “Their commitment to our community and generosity of spirit have allowed for countless opportunities for our students to discover their ‘&’.”

Recently, AshBritt’s Innovative Emergency Management (IEM) Health opened the Covid-19 antibody infusion center in Victoria in September 2021.