School Nurses learn important lessons about disaster response

VISD along with nurses from throughout the state of Texas participated in a training on how to handle disasters.
Newscenter 25’s David Gibson attended the meeting and explains what the nurses are being taught. School nurses from across the state of Texas came to the VISD conference center to get school Emergency triage training.
“We show them how to lay the ground work and have a plan in place so when a disaster whether it’s a natural disaster or a man made one, they have a way of responding to it to provide the most good for the most number of people,” explains Sherry Stamp, School Nursing Coordinator. By providing the most good for the most number of people, the nurses are being taught how to quickly assess the scene.
“We are teaching them how to quickly go through and assess the patient and make a determination about what their status is and how to proceed from there,” tells Stamp. Nurses went back to school with a table top discussion on how to quickly cLassify severity of patients injuries from different disaster situations.
They use a red light, green light system with red requiring immediate attention while green calling for the least.
Stamp believes training is key because you never know when a disaster situation will happen. She was present during the las Vegas shooting.
“You can’t even imagine what its like until it happens to you,” says Stamp. “It does give you a new appreciation for why its so important to prepare and have a plain in place so if and when something happens, even though these incidents are so uncommon and they happen so rarely.” “Its important to have a plan in place so you know how to react and know how to help people if and when they do occur.” Stamp says that nurses are the main care givers when a disaster happens on campus before ems arrives.
“They are the first person called upon when a disaster occurs and they lead the charge in providing that initial care after a disaster occurs prior to EMS arriving,” declares Stamp. With this training school nurses will learn how to be effective leaders in mass causalities response at schools in and help mitigate causalities.