Scattered Showers and Storms in the Crossroads Daily

Another warm start to the day in the Crossroads. Scattered showers and storms will be in the forecast today. We have plenty of moisture available for storms the next couple of days. The upper high that kept us very hot the last few days shifted east. Low pressure disturbances will continue to keep us wet for the next week. We need the rain because of abnormal dry conditions in the Crossroads. You can expect rain chances daily. After today, our next best chance of rain will be on Monday and Tuesday. On the days you don’t see rain, temperatures will be in the middle to upper 90s. Heat index values in the triple digits.

In the tropics, the Atlantic is quiet for now. In the next five days, a tropical wave will move off the African coast. As of now, National Hurricane Center gives this area a 50% chance of development. We will continue to watch the tropical wave. On the other hand, the peak of hurricane season is September 11th.