Saturday Weather for 1-23-21

Overnight and morning fog but temperatures back into the 70's for Sunday


VICTORIA, Texas- Tonight: Cloudy with fog developing after 9 pm as temperatures stay in the middle 60’s up. Low: 63. Winds: E 5-10 mph. A 30% chance for some occasional drizzle.

Sunday:  Cloudy and after starting off the morning in the 60’s temperatures warm into the 70’s.  High: 76. Winds: SE 15-25 mph. A 30% chance for rain showers as well as patchy fog before 10 am.

Sunday Night: Cloudy with a chance of a thunderstorm or two and temperatures dropping into the middle 60’s. Low: 65. Winds: SE 15-20/G25 mph. A 30% chance for rain showers.

Monday: Skies start to clear as looking up will become mostly sunny with temperatures warming into the middle 70’s.  High: 76 Winds: NW 10-15/G20 mph. A 20% chance for rain showers.

Extended Forecast: Tuesday thru Friday: Highs mostly ranging from the low to middle 70’s while Thursday could get stuck in the 60’s. While low temperatures fall into the 40’s and 50’s for much of the week. Mostly sunny to partly sunny skies with rain chances after the weekend dropping down to 10% to 20% range through Friday.  The lack of cloud cover will allow for the colder overnight temperatures while winds stay breezy through Wednesday as gusts could be as strong as 25 mph at times.

Synopsis: Temperatures above average in the low to upper 70’s most of the week except for Thursday.  The rest of the week’s lows will range from 40 to 55 degrees with the cooler morning temperatures beginning after the weekend.  High pressure pushes in from the west and will keep skies on the clear and dry side for much of the week allowing for some nice sunshine.  Next weekend, temperatures will start to warm as warm Gulf moisture pushes up and back into South Texas.