Sample Day of Eating

Sample Day of Eating

Keys to Remember:

Portion is key! Men and women of different sizes may all need different amounts to eat. The following plan is an example . Your body works most efficiently with the right amount of fuel. Balance is the idea- we want to eat a balance of lean protein, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low fat dairy. In the meal plan below, you could make substitutions with different foods from each category. As a general rule, try to limit processed, pre-packaged foods. Our goal is ‘clean eating’ with limited additives and preservatives in the foods that we eat.


1 Boiled Egg

½- 1 cup Steel Cut Oats

1 ounce Walnuts

½ cup Blueberries

Morning Snack:

~ 1 cup Celery Sticks

¼ cup Hummus


2-4 ounces Grilled Chicken Breast

1 cup Broccoli

1/3 cup-2/3 cup Brown Rice

1 Peach

Afternoon Snack:

1 piece of String Cheese

½ cup apple slices


2-4 ounces Grilled Fish

1 small Sweet Potato with Cinnamon

1-2 cups of Spinach Salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, Vinaigrette Dressing

Nighttime Snack:

4 ounces Greek Yogurt

Drinks: Water or Tea (no Sugar)