Salvation Army’s aims to reopen shelter April 1st

Its been nearly two years since the Salvation Army’s shelter and soup kitchen were forced to close due to damage from Hurricane Harvey.

Newscenter 25’s David Gibson brings us the details after speaking with Salvation Army’s newest leader Kenny Jones about the recovery process

The Salvation Army’s shelter and soup kitchen have been closed since Harvey but Captain Kenny Jones is working to open them in the next 30 days

“During hurricane Harvey they had quite a bit of damage, and so the shelter was shut down at that time,” adds Captain Kenny Jones, Salvation Army Commander. “We have tried to get it open as soon as possible.”

We previously reported that roof repairs were the main reason the salvation army has not reopened but Captain Kenny Jones says there is one last thing holding them back from reopening.
“The contractor that we are working with had some issues plugging up our drains with concrete in one of the showers,” Captain Jones says.

Captain Jones believes the shelter along with the soup kitchen will make it’s long-anticipated reopening on April 1st even if they don’t have employees.
“April the 1st. If i have to be all the staff that is needed to run this shelter, i will run it myself. we are going to open these doors April 1st,” declares Captain Jones

The reason why he is pushing to open next month is because the community needs this shelter and soup kitchen. Captain Jones knows this place can help many people.
“I’m living proof of that, i came through the drug and alcohol rehabilitation program myself. I know that our programming that is based on the life of Christ is just what we need in our life to recover,” exclaims Jones. “Recover from drug addiction, alcohol addiction, any kind of addiction or spiritual inadequacies that we may have in our life.”

Jones says if it wasn’t for the Salvation Army letting him reach out he doesn’t think he would be living.
“I don’t think i would be alive and breathing right now if i had not found the Salvation Army,” Jones says emotionally.

When they open the doors, they will be able to house 18 men. The Salvation Army will teach the men some life skills.
“As i can grow the staff and volunteers, we will be teaching life skills, and have job fairs and help folks get their food handling certificate for restaurants.” explains Jones.

The Salvation Army is still in need of a cook, 2 monitors for the clients and a case worker.
“They can call our office at 361-576-1297 or they can call me directly at 915-276-5664.”

Captain Jones says within the next year he wants to expand the shelter to allow 18 women to stay there along with a total of 30 men.