Salvation Army Still Needing Help To Repair Its Roof

I talked with Major Laura Martin earlier and they are close to getting the shelter open. However, they must get the roof fixed first. “We decided to go with the repair plan right now. The replacement starts at $150,000 and goes up to $250,00 dollars,” said Martin.

In October 2017, insurance and contractors checked out the roof damage and deemed it was not caused by Hurricane Harvey. “The roof was damaged because of the design defect or from improper maintenance over the years,” said Martin.

Major Martin told me that the estimated cost to get the roof repaired is $75,000. So far she has only raised half that amount. ” It has taken us almost a year to raise half that money,” said Martin. Salvation army did apply for a HUD grant through the City of Victoria. If they receive the money it will not take long to make the necessary repairs. “The roof repair will take a month,” said Martin.

The Salvation Army Corporate office in Atlanta and headquarters in Dallas only provides general support for individual offices. If the Salvation Army gets denied the HUD grant, Martin will have to continue with fundraisers to raise the money.
” I can imagine things pushed back on the calendar not only heartbreaking for us but the community who is still in need,” said Martin.

Next month is the one year anniversary of hurricane Harvey. Martin never imagined the place she loves still not open to provide services to the community.
” It is understandable. We know that people in the community who is going through the same thing as we are and they are not back up and running in their homes,” said Martin.

Martin continues to keep the faith that the building will open soon with no setbacks.