Salvation Army reopens shelter after months of setbacks

We have some great news to report about the Salvation Army’s shelter.

After, months of setbacks the Salvation Army Shelter has officially reopened.

“We are open, we did kind of a soft open last Monday. We wanted to make it more about the men and not make it about the media and anything other than just getting them off the streets. We are planning a bigger event later down the road,” explains Capt. Kenny Jones, Salvation Army.

Captain Kenny Jones is glad they can get the only men’s shelter in the Crossroads open finally.

“We are not just about shelter for people, that’s not on my mind at all. We want to shelter them but what’s really on my mind is getting them out that condition because I know there is something better for them,” tells Capt. Jones. “I know because I was in that condition I know that there is something better for these folks.”

Whoever uses the shelter will have to follow a few rules set in place by the Salvation Army.

“The intake process starts at five o’clock and its shut off at 8 o’clock. The rules are such that our clients are expected to shower daily, and strip their beds daily, so we can wash their linens,” adds Capt Jones. “We start feeding at 5 and end at 6, so they have to eat there at that time. We have lights out at 10 o’clock, and those that want to do laundry, we let them do that but it ends at 9′ o’clock.”

Right now the shelter is focusing on feeding and housing the homeless, but in the future they want to offer more.

“We are only able to house 18 men, but a year from now we are going to have a different discussion. We are going to look at expanding that to over 30 men and then including women,” Capt Jones says. “We are going to be looking at that time at programing like life skills, transitional living, and adjusting to transitional living.”

The Salvation Army is also holding a back to school supply giveaway and pizza party Sunday, August 10 th .

“It will be an eventful day when they come at 11 a.m. and join us for our worship, and then we are going to have a pizza party and some ice cream and things like that. Then afterwards we are going to do the giveaway, the school supply giveaway which will be for Pre-K through sixth grade,” Capt Jones smiles.

“I feel good, feel like im doing what im supposed to be doing which is sheltering and feeding lives, being able to offer this to them again is a great thing and relief,” declares Capt. Jones.