Salvation Army red kettles will soon be seen and heard across the Crossroads

Captain Kenny Jones with the Salvation Army of Victoria, says that during this upcoming Christmas season, your help is needed more than ever.


VICTORIA, Texas – Captain Kenny said the rising cost of living has put many people in financial hardship, which in turn causes our Victoria Salvation Army to struggle to keep up with the need, which is why Captain Kenny is asking everyone to give this Christmas season, so they can continue to help everyone that needs it.

“The economy right now is very tough. And it is that much more important that we need your help. Because, when the economy is doing great, folks are not worries about putting a few extra dollars in the kettle. But when gasoline is $4 a gallon, and when their utilities are going up, and the cost of food is going up, its hard.,” said Captain Kenny Jones

Captain Kenny says the red kettles will be going out within the next week. If you are interested in helping this years Christmas kettle drive visit click here.  The Salvation Army kettle drive is this organizations main fundraiser for the year.