Salvation Army opens cooling station in Victoria

As the heat continues to be a threat across the Crossroads, the Salvation Army in Victoria decided to do something to help the homeless population beat the heat.

Kenny Jones, Commanding Officer of the Salvation Army in Victoria County, said that after seeing the men in the shelter come back tired and wrung out, he decided to open a cooling station at the Salvation Army to help prevent heat stroke in the homeless population.

“My policy is that anytime the temperature reaches in excess of 100 degrees heat index wise, then we will have our cooling center open,” Jones said.

Jones adds that the cooling station is not just for the homeless, but targeted towards them because they have nowhere to go to beat the heat. It is open for the entire community to come and have a glass of water and sit in the air conditioning to recuperate.

The cooling station is located at the Salvation Army at 1302 N. Louis St. and is open Monday through Friday from 11am to 5pm.