Salvation Army of Victoria implements new measures to combat virus

Salvation Army has raised nearly $65k

VICTORIA, Texas — The Salvation Army of Victoria announced new measures to help combat the growing impact of COVID-19 in the Crossroads.

Commanding Officer Kenny Jones announced Victoria would begin feeding the community through a to-go service, increase community assistance with rent and utilities payments, prepare an isolation dormitory, and increase temperature checks and sanitation for Salvation Army facilities and those entering them. They will also begin delivering for Meals on Wheels and participate in daily meetings with the City of Victoria and other response teams.

In recent days, the Salvation Army of Victoria has raised nearly $65,000 to help combat the spread of the novel coronavirus. They have also received food donations, including 800 lbs of pork, 1850 lbs of frozen products through the food bank, and 150 lbs of hamburgers.