Salvation Army nearing capacity, speaking out on camping ordinance

The Salvation Army just reopened its shelter, and it already near capacity.

“Right now we are serving 11 to 13 here in the evenings. Our max capacity right now is 18, so we are near our max,” Captain Kenny Jones of the Victoria Salvation Army said. He also said they are hoping to expand that max capacity here in the future, so they can serve more clients.

We also asked Captain Kenny Jones about the Salvation Army’s stance on the controversial no camping ordinance here in Victoria.

“Of course we’re against that. Anything that makes homelessness a criminality is foolish,” Captain Jones states. He also says he’s working with city council to attempt to add an amendment that would relocate the violator instead of arresting them or giving them a ticket.

We reached out to city council for comment and have yet to receive a response.